Khumbu Bijuli Company Pvt. Ltd

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About Us

The KBC’s power plant is situated in Thame valley located within the Sagarmatha National Park in the Mt. Everest Region. The power plant with a capacity of 620 KW was built with financial assistance from the Austrian government and the then His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. The local electricity company – Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC) - has been fully responsible for the operation and management of the power plant since 1999. KBC is governed by the Board of the Directors consisting of three local representatives appointed by three registered users’ groups and a representative appointed by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). Under the supervision of the Board of Directors, a highly qualified and dedicated team of administrative and technicians currently manage the power plant. The majority of the employees are from the local communities and have been working with the company since its inception.
Since its inception, KBC has been providing clean, reliable and affordable power supplies to more than 18 villages of Namche and Khumjung VDC. Over the years, KBC has tremendously helped reshape the Sherpa society by bringing significant improvements in health, education, communication and living standards of the local people. Further, the small hydropower plant has played a pivotal role in conservation of high altitude forests by providing clean energy alternatives such as electric heaters, cookers and geysers. 

Other Projects

Thame High Altitude Nursery

The Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC) has been playing a pivotal role in conservation of high altitude forests not only by providing clean and alternative source of energy, but also directly through reforestation programs. 

Namche Drinking Water Project

KBC built a water treatment plant and set up a sewage system in Namche Bazaar in 1999 with technical support from Salzburg AG and joint contributions from Eco Himal, KBC, Namche VDC and local users.