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The history of Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC), previously known as Thame Khola Small hydropower, plant dates back to 1976. Its initial phase of construction commenced in the early 80s with signing of an agreement between the Austrian government and the then His Majesty’s government of Nepal. The ambitious project, however, came to halt in 1985 when the Dig Tsho glacier lake outburst flood washed away the power plant. Construction of the power plant resumed later with identification of a new site for the plant at Thame Khola located at an elevation of 3800m. In 1995, the plant with a capacity of 620kw started generation and distribution of electricity to several villages located within its territory.

Eco Himal - an Austrian based INGO - took over the full responsibility for technical and financial management of the project in 1992, including completion of final phase of construction and training of local Sherpa team. In 1999, the management responsibility was handed over to Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC) - a local electricity company set up in 1994 and registered with the Ministry of Industry. 
Other Projects

Thame High Altitude Nursery

The Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC) has been playing a pivotal role in conservation of high altitude forests not only by providing clean and alternative source of energy, but also directly through reforestation programs. 

Namche Drinking Water Project

KBC built a water treatment plant and set up a sewage system in Namche Bazaar in 1999 with technical support from Salzburg AG and joint contributions from Eco Himal, KBC, Namche VDC and local users.