Khumbu Bijuli Company Pvt. Ltd

+977 38 540 112  |  Head Office, Thamo      +977 1 4910587   |  Kathmandu Office 
Management Team
S.N  Name Designation Contact
1. Mr. Sonam Dorjee Sherpa General Manager
              038540112 Ext. 8007                                                         
2. Mr. Chhiring Sherpa Technical Manager 038540112 Ext. 8006 
3. Mr. Pemba Tshering Sherpa                                    Admin. & Finance Manager                                      038540112 Ext. 8005
4.  Mr. Danuru Sherpa Assistant Technical Manager 038540112 Ext. 8003
5. Mr. Mingma Rita Sherpa Power House Incharge 038540130
6.  Mr. Mingma Nuru Sherpa Accountat 038540112 Ext. 8001
7. Mr. Karsang Sherpa S. Supervisor, Thame Valley 038540112 Ext. 8002
8. Mr. Ngawang Tsheri Sherpa S. Supervisor, Namche Valley 038540287
9. Mr. Nima Ongchhu Sherpa (Thukten )                   S. Supervisor, Namche Valley 038540287
10. Mr. Dawa Tshering Sherpa Supervisor, Khumjung Valley 038540039
11. Mr. Pasang Nuru Sherpa Power House Operator  038540130
12. Mr. Raju Kulung Helper, Thamo 038540112 Ext. 8004
13. Mr. Stefan Nima Rai Helper, Power House 038540130
14. Ang Doma Sherpa Nursury Helper  
15. Mr. Tenzing Nuru Sherpa Trainee  
16. Mr. Mingma Dorjee Sherpa Intern  
17. M/S. Jog Maya Thapa Kathmandu Helper 01-4910587

Other Projects

Thame High Altitude Nursery

The Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC) has been playing a pivotal role in conservation of high altitude forests not only by providing clean and alternative source of energy, but also directly through reforestation programs. 

Namche Drinking Water Project

KBC built a water treatment plant and set up a sewage system in Namche Bazaar in 1999 with technical support from Salzburg AG and joint contributions from Eco Himal, KBC, Namche VDC and local users.