Khumbu Bijuli Company Pvt. Ltd

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Salient Feature

General Features

 Location Thame, Namche VDC 7, Solukhumbu District, Eastern Development Region, Nepal
VDC's Electrified Khumjung VDC and Namche VDC
Village Connected Khumjung, Khunde, Syangboche, Kyangjuma, Sanasa, Hotel Everest View, Namche Bazar, Meshulung, Phurte, Samshing, Theso, Thamo, Mende, Samde, Thame, Thame Gomba, Thame Teng, yilajung, Kerok Gomba, Laudo Gomba and Chyanyakpa.
Present Suscriber 789 Subscribers 
Area Populations Approximately 5000

Physical Features
River Source Thame khola
Type of Scheme Run of the River
Catchment Area 43 km2 
Maximum Discharge 12m3/S
Minimum Discharge 0.25m3/S
Water Intake Type Simple Tyrolean Weir, Thame (800m0
Maximum Capacity of th weir 20m3/S
Water Conveyance -15m RCC gravel trap,
-305 m open canal upto peaking pond,
-mild steel pipe from peakind pond to power house
-Open canal tailrace that discharge water back to the Bhote Koshi River.
Peaking Pond Capacity Volume 2000m3
Penstock Pipe -Length 984m
-450mm Diameter
-Pipe thickness varies from 6mm to 14mm
Power House Hungo (3600m), Namche VDC, Solukhumbu
Gross Head 216m 
Nominal Head 205m
Design Discharge 380 liters/Sec
Installed Capacity 630 KW
Turbine Two sets of double jet Pelton turbine with 315 KW/each
Generator -Two sets of 230/400 volt, 50Hz, 4 poles,
-Synchronous generator 
-Power factor 0.9
-380 KVA
Drive Direct Coupling
Speed Regulation Electro-mechanical hydraulic governor
Control System Fully Automatic Control System
Power House Substation 0.4 KV to 11KV step-up transformer and switching yard
Transmission 11KV 15.5 KM tranmission line
-5KM Overhead line
-11.5KM Underground line
Village Sustation -11KV to 0.4KV transformer
-High Voltage and Low Voltage Switch Yard
Distribution System -230/400 Volt Underground 
-Approx. 52 KM l
Head Quarter Khumbu Bijuli Company Pvt. Ltd
Namche 5, Thamo(3480m), Solukhumbu
Branch Offices -Namche Bazar (3440m), Solukhumbu
-Khumjung (3790), Solukhumbu

Other Projects

Thame High Altitude Nursery

The Khumbu Bijuli Company (KBC) has been playing a pivotal role in conservation of high altitude forests not only by providing clean and alternative source of energy, but also directly through reforestation programs. 

Namche Drinking Water Project

KBC built a water treatment plant and set up a sewage system in Namche Bazaar in 1999 with technical support from Salzburg AG and joint contributions from Eco Himal, KBC, Namche VDC and local users.